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Thursday, August 6, 2009

John Paul II International Film Festival to Be Discussed on CatholicTV

On Tuesday, August 11th, the John Paul II (JPII) International Film Festival will be discussed on the CatholicTV talk show “This is the Day”. “This is the Day” will feature the organizers of the festival in an interview. The JPII Film Festival was organized in response to Pope JPII’s call to the “new evangelization”. Before becoming Pope, JPII was an actor and playwright who believed in using the arts to express the glory of God.

Also on “This is the Day” will be iconographer Marek Czarnecki who will discuss how Catholics can learn more about their faith through images of Jesus, Mary, and the saints.

In 1999, “The Great” Pope JPII wrote a letter to artists everywhere. He asked them to be witnesses to the Truth and invited them to take part in what he called “The New Evangelization”. This year, filmmakers from around the world will unite into one festival to answer that call.

After the enormous success of films like The Passion of the Christ, Bella, and Fireproof, it became clear that the hunger for faith-based films is prominent and desires to be fulfilled. Organizers of the JPII Film Festival believe “the world is in need of Truth– the truth about love, who we are, what we’re called for, and WHO we come from. We are all deeply hoping to be reminded about the truth of our humanity.” More information on the film festival can be obtained by visiting: www.jp2filmfestival.com/blog/. The television interview will feature the founders of the JPII Film Festival- Laura Alvarado, Rafael Anrrich, and Frank Brennan.

Also featured on “This is the Day” will be iconographer Marek Czarnecki. Mr. Czarnecki studies under Russian Orthodox iconographer Mrs. Ksenia Pokrovsky, within the Izograph School which she founded in Moscow.

Mr. Czarnecki’s icons can be found in the homes and chapels of individuals, as well as churches across the country, including the Franciscan University of Steubenville, and the Catholic Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Springfield, IL. Mr. Czarnecki has been featured in numerous articles, exhibits, and videos. He continues to teach and write about icons out of his studio in Meriden, Connecticut.

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