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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Holy Week From the Vatican To Be Televised Online

For Holy Week, CatholicTV will be airing Holy Week liturgies including the Stations of the Cross from the Vatican. In addition, CatholicTV will be airing live Masses from the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston.

All Holy week coverage will air on CatholicTV where available and will also stream live from www.CatholicTV.com in full-screen and free of charge.

Special Holy Week programming will start with the Solemn Mass of Palm Sunday with Pope Benedict XVI from the Vatican. The Holy week schedule is as follows: All times are Eastern Standard


Palm Sunday: From 6:30AM-9:30AM & 8PM-11PM

Chrism Mass: 11AM-1PM on Thursday, April 9th

Holy Thursday Mass: 2:30PM-4:30PM on Thursday, April 9th

Solemn Liturgy of the Lord’s Passion: 5:30PM- 8:00PM on Friday, April 10th

Way of the Cross: 8:30PM-10:30PM

Easter Vigil 4:00PM-7:30PM on Saturday, April 11th

Easter Sunday Mass: Noon-

2:30PM & 8:00PM-10:30PM on Sunday, April 12th


Chrism Mass: 11:00AM-1:00PM on Tuesday, April 7th

Solemn Mass of the Lord’s Last Supper: 8:00PM-10:00PM on Thursday, April 9th & rebroadcast from midnight to 2:00AM on Friday, April 10th.

Stations of the Cross From World Youth Day in Sydney Australia- 11:30AM-3:00PM on Friday, April 10th.

Solemn Liturgy of the Lord’s Passion: 3:00PM- 5:00PM on Friday, April 10th.

Easter Vigil: 8:00PM-10:00PM on Saturday, April 11th.

Sunday Mass: 7:30AM on Easter Sunday.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Sisters Celebrate their Anniversary at CatholicTV daily Mass

Father Bob Casey brought some special guests to celebrate the daily Mass at CatholicTV. We were so delighted to honor the sisters special anniversary. Father Reed gave them all roses.

Gospel of Mark To Be Explained in New Free Online TV Show

Starting in April, www.CatholicTV.com will stream episodes of the new show “Parables of Mark” each week. The new show stars Msgr. John Zenz and special guest, Hall of Fame broadcaster Ernie Harwell.

Monsignor Zenz serves as Pastor of Holy Name Parish in Birmingham and has a doctorate in spiritual theology from the Pontifical Gregorian University. Monsignor has extensive experience in working with the Catholic Television Network of Detroit, with the writing of the Jublilee 2000 Archdiocesan spiritual renewal program, and has been a frequent presenter in the popular Theology on Tap series since 1999.

Ernie Harwell is a former American sportscaster, known for his long career calling play-by-play of Major League Baseball games. For 55 years, 42 of them with the Detroit Tigers, Harwell called balls, strikes, and home runs on radio and television. In January 2009, the American Sportscasters Association ranked Harwell 16th on its list of Top 50 Sportscasters of All Time

Starting in April, the new show will be streamed at www.CatholicTV.com and will also be available at these times (EST):

Monday 3:30 PM,

Wednesday 12 Noon

Friday 5:30 AM

Saturday 11:30PM

Friday, March 27, 2009

NET Ministries and Its Director Featured in TV Interview Along With Jesse Manibusan

Mark Berchem and Christopher Kraker will appear on the CatholicTV talk show “This is the Day” on Friday, March 27th. Both Mark and Christopher work for NET Ministries, a Catholic organization which evangelizes young people mostly through retreats.

NET Ministries is best known for its travelling teams of young evangelizers who go from town to town giving retreats to young people. Travelling teams typically lead from 120-150 retreats each year. These young adults travel in a van, living with host families with only one suitcase and one backpack of personal effects. NET retreats are offered for youth from grades 7 to 12. Volunteer contacts within each diocese or parish work with the NET office to book teams for retreats and select retreat themes and formats.

Also featured on “This is The Day” will be Jesse Manibusan. Jesse is a Catholic lay evangelist who uses music, comedy and stories to connect with people. Very much in demand around the country as a motivational speaker, Jesse’s message connects with people of all ages. Jesse lives in Grapevine, Texas.

This spring, Jesse will be a featured speaker in Texas, Kansas, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Texas. On May 3rd, 2009, Jesse will speak at Sacred Heart Church in Waltham, MA. Jesse is married and lives in Grapevine, Texas.

These guests can be seen on Friday, March 27th live at 10:30AM and rebroadcast at 8PM (EST)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Television Show Features Friend of Mother Theresa and John Paul II- Fr. Jeff Bayhi

Starting on March 30th, CatholicTV will air a new show called “A Closer Walk”. The show is hosted by Father Jeff Bayhi. Fr. Bayhi worked with Blessed Theresa of Calcutta for 7 years and administered the last rites to her. He was also a friend of Pope John Paul II and administered the last rites to the Pope after he had been shot.

“A Closer Walk” features Fr. Bayhi discussing the faith and talking about real world examples of life and of living the faith. “A Closer Walk” intends to reach out to those who remain disconnected from the mainline church.

“A Closer Walk” hopes to help viewers deal with the realities of day-to-day living by discussing real-world, everyday issues. The show aims to offer hope to viewers through the scriptures of the church specifically the readings which will be proclaimed at the Sunday Mass.

Father Jeff Bayhi, is a priest for the Diocese of Baton Rouge. He received his Doctorate in Pastoral Counseling from Graduate Theological Foundation in Donaldson, IN. Father Bayhi is also the president of Closer Walk Ministries. He has worked extensively in several prison systems, including the hospital for the criminally insane in central California.

Father Bayhi has written several books including: "Then Comes the Morning" and "Paved with Souls", which was written on his experiences working with Mother Teresa and the Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta. He has also recorded a modern-day interpretation of Our Lord's Passion through the Stations of the Cross with world-renowned recording artist, Aaron Neville. The CD is entitled Doing it Their Own Way .

“A Closer Walk” will air at the following times (EST) on CatholicTV where available and will stream simultaneously in full-screen and free of charge at www.CatholicTV.com.

Starts the Week of March 30th

Wednesday 9:00 AM

Friday 6:00 PM

Sunday 6:00 AM

Starting the Week of April 13th

Wednesday 9:00 AM

Friday 6:30 PM Sunday 6:00 AM

Starting the week of May 4th

Monday – 1:00 AM

Wednesday 9:00 AM

Friday 6:30 PM

Sunday 6:00 AM

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Katrina Priest to Speak of Hurricanes Hope And Miracles on Talk Show

On Tuesday, March 24th, Fr. Peter Mockler will be featured on the CatholicTV talk show “This is the Day”. Fr. Mockler will recount his post-Katrina experience, the funerals that followed, the rebuilding, and the new found hope.

In the beginning of September 2005, just after the category 5 hurricane Katrina struck the Southern United States, a group of volunteers mostly from Michigan contacted Fr. Peter Mockler, the Pastor of St. Ann’s Church in Lizana, Mississipi. They were ordinary volunteers who had come to Mississippi to set up a base of operations that other volunteers could come to, and from there assist the local people in their time of need. Fr. Mockler gave his blessing and allowed the volunteers to set up shop at St. Ann’s. According to Steve Hulst, Michigan native and founder of the new organization, many miracles took place after they started work including “scores of volunteers have come, many truckloads of supplies started showing up, financial donations were made, acts of compassion were extended, bridges were built between people of different religious faiths, those away from their faith were returning, values and priorities were re-arranged, and hope was restored to many victims.”

Fr. Mockler has since taken over as the Director of Project Hope and Compassion which originated from Steve Hulst and his friends and family from Michigan. Fr. Mockler will discuss these happenings and the latest from Project Hope and Compassion during his appearance on “This is the Day” on March 24th.

Also featured on the show will be Samantha Ormond, who traveled with St. Elizabeth of Hungary Parish in Acton, Massachusetts on a service trip. Samantha was a high school student at the time and she was moved by the needs of the families in the Gulf Coast. As a result she returned to her home parish, St. Isidore’s in Stow, MA and encouraged parishioners to contribute to Project Hope and Compassion. They raised over $2000.00 to support the recovery efforts.

These guests can be seen on Tuesday, March 24th live at 10:30AM (EST)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Catholic Celebrities Breaking News And Laughs on Catholic Talk Show

CatholicTV airs “This Is The Day” twice each week. The show features interviews of Catholic celebrities, Catholic news, and discussion of current Catholic issues.


Each episode of “This Is The Day” includes interviews of Catholic guests. Guests have included celebrities such as Boston Red Sox Legend Johnny Pesky, musician and founder of Little Lamb Music Ray Herrmann (played with Chicago, Santana, Whitney Houston etc), Tarek Saab (from the Apprentice) and others. Bishops, clergy and missionaries from all over the country around the globe are also regular guests on the show.


The talk show presents unique challenges to the hosts of the show Jay Fadden, Fr. Robert Reed, and Kevin Nelson. For example, Conan O’Brien doesn’t have to hear co-workers’ confessions like host Fr. Robert Reed does. David Letterman doesn’t have to run the entire TV station like Jay Fadden does. Often times Jay, Fr. Reed, and Kevin are in the middle of meetings and getting off of phone calls minutes before they hear “lights, camera, action!”. In that short time, they may have to speed-read about their guests and decide on what to discuss just seconds before the show airs live at 10:30AM Eastern.

On one hilarious December morning, Fr. Reed improvised by singing “Oh Christmas Tree” after the teleprompter malfunctioned.


Guests in April will include:

*John Iannone (expert on the Shroud of Turin),
*Tim Drake- Writer from National Catholic Register and author of “Behind Bella”
*Renée Bondi top-selling independent Contemporary Christian Artist and motivational speaker
*Ken Hackett- President of Catholic Relief Services
*Brad Seng, professional tri-athlete and motivational speaker
And others

“This is the Day” airs each week on Tuesdays and Fridays at 10:30AM (EST)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Holy Hot Boy to Appear on Catholic Talk Show Along With Rosary Singer

“Holy Hot Boy” Ansel Augustine and Catholic musician Susan Bailey will appear on the CatholicTV talk show “This is the Day” on Friday, March 20th. Susan recently released a CD and meditation guide which features her singing the Rosary while playing her acoustic guitar. Ansel is a hip youth minister with a Master’s Degree from Loyola University of New Orleans. Susan is the editor of Grapvine Magazine; it's mission is to support the community of Catholic artists throughout the US.
CatholicTV is a nationally-broadcasted television station headquartered near Boston.

According to Ansel Augustine, a “hot boy” is someone “who is about handling their business, and is full of courage and is known to have a big heart” among other things. Ansel tweaked the “hot boy” image a little to develop the “Holy Hot Boy”. Ansel claims to be a “Holy Hot Boy”, which means he considers himself an ambassador for Christ. Ansel claims that “he is willing to die for what he believes.” He is a coordinator for Black Youth & Young Adult Ministry in the Archdiocese of New Orleans and also works with the Campus Ministry at Xavier University of Louisiana.

He is also on the Faculty for the Institute for Black Catholic Studies. Ansel has also published various articles related to ministry and has done various workshops, conferences, and retreats around the country.

Also featured on the show, will be Susan Bailey. Susan is a singer/songwriter/recording artist, speaker, and publisher and editor of “GRAPEVINE”, the magazine devoted to Catholic performing artists. Susan has been actively sharing her ministry locally, nationally and internationally. She has made appearances at World Youth Day 2002 in Toronto, on EWTN and on the Catholic Family Network. Susan also serves on the Commission for Women of the Diocese of Worcester, Massachusetts.

Susan believes her mission is to encourage, inspire and uplift Catholics in their faith. She also feels called to minister to the dying and to those in mourning.

Ansel and Susan can be seen on Friday, March 20th live at 10:30AM (EST) on CatholicTV where available (rebroadcast at 8PM).

Once-Small Catholic Television Station Now Broadcasts Nationally With Over 60 Shows

Below is a little bit of CatholicTV history combined with recent developments.

CatholicTV, a once-small television station headquartered near Boston, Massachusetts, has recently expanded its reach and operations.

CatholicTV began broadcasting over 50 years ago in the city of Boston. The original purpose of the television station was to air the Mass for people unable to leave their homes.

Recently, changes have been rather dramatic. CatholicTV moved into a state-of-the-art multi-million-dollar facility in Watertown, Massachusetts. The current building was formerly a Dominican convent and now holds 3 fully digital television studios (2 were added to the original structure) with advanced cameras and lighting.

CatholicTV broadcasts over 60 programs, over 40% of these are produced by CatholicTV. The station now broadcasts on major cable stations including Verizon FiOS, Comcast, and others. A national broadcast is made via Sky Angel IPTV. Viewers also watch at the company’s recently-launched website www.CatholicTV.com, which is one of the most sophisticated websites of any Catholic television station and was mentioned in the L.A. Times and Wall Street Journal Digital Network (2-17-09). CatholicTV is also preparing for a complete transition to high-definition with some of its programs already offered in HD.

This April, CatholicTV will begin airing a series by Fr. Benedict Groeschel. CatholicTV already has programs featuring Archbishop Fulton Sheen, Cardinal Sean O’Malley, a children’s Catholic game show produced at CatholicTV, “This is the Day,” a live talk show featuring guests from as far away as Africa and Europe, a Christian rock show, Spanish Catholic programming, live, weekly Papal coverage from the Vatican, a Catholic travel show, and a cooking show in addition to the daily Mass, Rosary and other traditional shows.

Although CatholicTV has recently undergone significant expansion, the company still operates with the intimacy and drive of a small business. The Director, Fr. Robert Reed is a priest of the Archdiocese of Boston. The General Manager, Jay Fadden, a Catholic husband and father of 3, first started working with CatholicTV as a free lancer 22 years ago. Mr. Fadden holds a Master of Arts in Ministry Degree from St. John’s Seminary. The CatholicTV team consists of only approximately 25 employees working to spread the Catholic faith.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

College Students Explore the Catholic Faith on “Cool” TV Show

CatholicTV is now airing a series called “In Your Faith”. It is an upbeat show where young hosts show how “cool” the Catholic faith is. CatholicTV is a nationally-broadcasted television station headquartered near Boston.

“In Your Faith” showcases the Catholic faith in practical terms so that viewers both young and old can easily understand. Hosts of the show include Byron who says that “positivity is my way of life” and who enjoys playing basketball. Another host, Chantal Elie playfully admits that she “grew up amongst the cows in a small town”. As a graduate in theatre, she livens up the show with her sense of humor and antics.

The show is full of energetic music, interviews, and attempts to answer real-world questions such as:

-Why do bad things happen?

-Why be Catholic?

-Why doesn’t the Church get with the times?

-Where do I fit into the world?

The show’s intended audience is high-school aged, but that makes the show even more effective at evangelizing adults since the language and themes are simple and go straight to the point.

“In Your Faith” airs each at week at these times (EST): Monday- 5:30AM; Tuesday- 4:30PM; Thursday- 4:30AM; Friday- 8AM; Saturday- 9:30PM; Sunday 12:30AM.

Monday, March 16, 2009

African American Catholic Evangelists Featured on Talk Show

Richard and Donna Lane will appear on CatholicTV. The couple minister together, in parish missions and revivals. Richard Lane is one of the only lay black Catholic evangelists in the United States. The Lanes will be featured on the CatholicTV talk show “This is the Day” on Tuesday, March 17th. Donna Lane is a Master Catechist and she offers customized workshops on "Spirituality", "A Black Presence in the Bible", and many more which are renowned across the U.S

Since 2005, evangelist Richard Lane has spoken to thousands of people around the United States, at Catholic men's conferences, revivals, parish missions and many more events. Lane has been featured in many national Catholic publications, Sports Review Magazine, Catholic Answers "LIVE", Relevant Radio, Ave Maria Radio and Sirius / XM Satellite Radio. He is scheduled as a featured speaker in the upcoming Catholic Men For Christ Conference in St. Louis, Missouri

Also featured on the show will be Jim Flanagan, a youth minister at St. John the Evangelist Parish in Hopkinton, Massachusetts. Mr. Flanagan served at the former Office of Youth Ministry for the Archdiocese of Boston and has coordinated Youth Ministry events at the archdiocesean and parish levels. Jim has a special interest in short-term mission trips and he has taken several groups to: Honduras serving the Olancho Aid Foundation, and to Project Hope and Compassion at St. Ann’s Parish in Mississippi to serve Hurricane Katrina victims.

These guests can be seen on Tuesday, March 17th live at 10:30AM (EST) on CatholicTV

Thursday, March 12, 2009

TV Show Teaches How To Be A Good Mother?

CatholicTV is now showing a series entitled Mothering Full of Grace. The show revolves around motherhood and matrimony as callings from God.

Mothering Full of Grace features Rhea Johner as host. She is a wife and mother. She offers her own experiences as a mother and also shares her spiritual insights. Episodes include group discussions, interviews with professionals such as a Catholic psychologist, and input from fathers and husbands.

In one episode about caregiving, Rhea recalls how she and her husband knew they were imperfect, yet were called to raise a perfect newborn. She and her husband were pleased to find that there was an entire section about raising children in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

After discussing her initial experience of motherhood during the same episode, a group of mothers discuss the challenges of motherhood. In their discussions, mothers on the show talk about the issues that all mothers are concerned with including, educating children and even their careers.

Of course, the show is unique because although real-world issues are discussed in a practical way, God is not excluded from the conversations. Also, the spirituality of the show revolves around the Catholic faith. Words like vocation and “God” are often used during the show.

The show can be seen each week at 3:30PM

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

CEO of Canada’s First Catholic TV Network to Offer Lenten Reflections on CatholicTV

Father Tom Rosica, former CEO and National Director of World Youth Day 2002 will present his Lenten Reflections each week during Lent on CatholicTV. Also offering Lenten Reflections will be Father Richard Erikson, a former Air Force Chaplain who holds 3 Master’s degrees and a P.H.D. in sociology.

"As part of special Lenten programming, CatholicTV will air Lenten Reflections by Fr. Tom Rosica. Father Rosica is the CEO of Salt + Light Television, Canada's first national Catholic Television Network. He is a priest of the Congregation of St. Basil. Father Rosica is renowned in Catholic media and was appointed by Pope Beneidct XVI as a Consultor to the Pontifical Council for Social Communications in February, 2009."

In his Lenten Reflections, Fr. Rosica packs as much Catholic spirituality and insight into his 5-minute long reflections as possible. Each reflection begins with a slow chorus singing “Jesus remember me when you come into your kingdom”. Reflections revolve around the Lenten Sunday Mass Readings. Catholics are offered a unique opportunity to understand the readings they hear each Sunday.

Fr. Richard Erikson will also offer Lenten Reflections on CatholicTV. Father Richard Erikson is the Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Boston. He has 3 Master’s Degrees, a doctorate in sociology, and also worked as a chaplain in the U.S. Air Force. He is now an advisor to the Air Force. In one of his reflections, Fr. Erikson reflects upon the intensity of the Lenten season by sharing that old age is like the rest of life, only more intense. He encourages Catholics to embrace the intensity of their personal and communal Lenten journey.

Both Fr. Erikson’s and Fr. Rosica’s reflections are being played throughout the day during Lent. In addition, Fr. Rosica’s reflections can be seen each week during the “Blink” time slots at these times: Monday- 10:30PM; Tuesday- 7AM & 8:30PM; Wednesday- 1PM; Thursday- 9AM & 11PM; Saturday 2:30AM & 6:30PM. The Blink time slots consist of 30 minutes of short thoughts and reflections by many different Catholics about the Catholic faith and life as Catholics. All times are Eastern Standard

Editor of Magnificat Prayer Booklet to Appear in Television Interview

Father Romanus Cessario, Senior Editor of Magnificat, will appear in a television interview on CatholicTV on Friday, March 13th.

Magnificat is a monthly spiritual guide about the same size as a TV guide. It contains prayers for both morning and evening, drawn from the Liturgy of the Hours. Magnificat also contains the official texts of the daily Mass, meditations written by the renowned Fathers of the Church, and a variety of spiritual writings, and essays on the lives of the saints of today and the past.

Magnificat has grown considerably in popularity and each edition of the Magnificat has a circulation size of 230,000 which is larger than Investor’s Business Daily, The Boston Herald, and The Los Angeles Daily News’ daily circulation (src: nyjobsource.com).

Father Romanus Cessario is the Senior Editor of the English version of Magnificat. He is a Dominican priest and also on the faculty at St. John’s Seminary in Brighton, MA. On the CatholicTV talk show “This is the Day”, Father Cessario will talk about Magnificat and his new book The Seven Last Words of Jesus.

The book is based on his preaching at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC. The book addresses many everyday concerns: marriage, liturgy, suffering, vocations, etc. The Seven Last Words of Jesus can also be used for adult catechetical instruction and RCIA.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

In Response To Obama’s Reversal of Embryonic Stem Cell Policy, Priest and Doctor of Neuroscience to Participate in Television Interview

Father Tad Pacholczyk will appear in an interview on the CatholicTV Talk Show “This is the Day” on Friday, March 13th.

In August 2001, funding for stem cell research was limited because of "fundamental questions about the beginnings of life and the ends of science." This week, President Obama overturned the previous administration’s policies. Father Tad is the author of the The Ten Great Myths in the Debate Over Stem Cell Research which can be read at the following website: http://www.ncbcenter.org/10Myths.pdf .

Father Tad will discuss this issue on the show. Father Tad holds a doctorate in neuroscience from Yale University and is now the Director of Education at the National Catholic Bioethics Center in Philadelphia. Father Tad also has 4 undergraduate degrees in molecular and cellular biology, chemistry, biochemistry and philosophy --and two degrees in advanced theology from the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome.

Father Tad will reiterate the Catholic Stance on life which is stated in paragraph 2271 of the Catechism: “Since the first century the Church has affirmed the moral evil of every procured abortion…… You shall not kill the embryo by abortion and shall not cause the newborn to perish………. God, the Lord of life, has entrusted to men the noble mission of safeguarding life, and men must carry it out in a manner worthy of themselves. Life must be protected with the utmost care from the moment of conception: abortion and infanticide are abominable crimes.”

Father Tad’s interview can be seen on Friday, March 13th live at 10:30AM (EST)
We are really excited that Father Bayhi's show, Closer Walk, will be included on the CatholicTV schedule. This is a great way to prepare for the Sunday liturgy .
I think that we can learn a great deal by just observing what is happening around us. There are so many lessons in life that are right in front of us and yet we are to busy to notice them. I came to this realization the other day while I sat in my pew at church. I call it my pew because I sit in the same place every week. I was there with Shirley and the children and as is the usual case I was trying to keep them all from causing a major disturbance. James has still not mastered the quiet voice. He shouts in a whisper, and Ethan is thrilled with his new found freedom that comes with walking and wants to demonstrate this to the world by making a break for the Alter via the aisle. While we tried to keep them “happy,” and still participate in the Mass I noticed a elderly couple bringing up the gifts. The man struggled to walk but with determination he pressed forward to the alter. As they turned and walked back to there seats they did something that surprised me. It shouldn’t of surprised me but it did. They held hands. It is funny how a gesture as simple as holding hands can impact another person. All I could think of was how much they must love and care for each other. How they depend on one another. In church where we learn about how much God loves us they were demonstrating how we should care for each other in a very simple but loving way. As St. John said, "God is love, and he who abides in love abides in God, and God abides in him." Through love this couple is living out those words. Jay

Friday, March 6, 2009

Man From Ghana Whose Brothers Starved To Death Will Appear on "This is The Day" Alongside Bishop and Monsignor

Thomas Awiapo will appear on the CatholicTV talk show “This is the Day” on Tuesday, March 10th. He will appear alongside Bishop Emeritus Daniel Reilly, former Bishop of Worcester, Massachusetts. In addition, Monsignor Tom Sullivan will also be on the show.

Thomas Awiapo is visiting the U.S from Ghana. During his visit, he will talk about his life and his work with Catholic Relief Services (CRS). Thomas found himself orphaned and all but abandoned by the age of ten. His two younger brothers died of malnutrition, the youngest in his arms. His older brother ran off, never to be seen again.

Then, one day, he smelled lunch cooking at a CRS-supported school in his poor farming village of Wiago.

Lunch lured Thomas into school. But it was the dedication of the teachers and local Catholic priests that kept him coming back.

Now Thomas has a master's degree from California State University, a wife and three children, plus a career with CRS Ghana teaching communities the value of good governance, and, of course, education. Thomas will talk about his life on “This is the Day”.

Also on the show will be Bishop Reilly and Monsignor Tom Sullivan, who will discuss the upcoming Men’s Conference in Worcester, Massachusetts. It is the 9th annual Worcester Diocese Men’s Conference. Dioceses all over the United States have modeled conferences after Worcester Men’s Conference which was the first one established in the US.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Join the Pro-Life Honor Roll!

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has great resources on the website to oppose FOCA and to affirm life. We'd like to encourage you to get on the honor roll!


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Orleans Revival

Ansel Augustine is a great Youth Minister in New Orleans and a wonderful friend to CatholicTV. Ansel is organizing a revival at St. Peter Claver Church in NOLA and I'd like to ask you to keep this intention in your prayers.

Christian Rock Show Debuts on CatholicTV

We are now broadcasting a new show featuring Christian music videos and Christian athletes.

"Revolution" is a high-energy show which showcases alternative Christian music videos and Christian artists and athletes sharing the Gospel News of Jesus Christ through in-depth interviews.

Founder Jorge Vazquez and his wife Kathryn spearheaded this media venture by heading out across the nation finding believers at Christian festivals, skate parks, and other places as well. In between songs, Jorge and Kathryn provide commentary. Also, band members and athletes talk about their faith between songs. Guests discuss their own personal experiences of faith.

“Revolution” can now be seen on CatholicTV each week at the following times: Thursday- 4AM & 5:30PM; Friday- 6:00AM; Saturday 9:00PM. All times are Eastern Standard.

Daily Mass - Father Mahoney

Father Dan Mahoney is presiding at Mass today. There is a wonderful group of people here to celebrate Mass during this first week of Lent.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lenten Confession message from Bishop Lori

Bishop William E. Lori of the Diocese of Bridgeport has graciously allowed CatholicTV to air a wonderful message to encourage people to participate in the sacrament of Reconciliation.

In Fairfield County (CT) parishes will open for confession from 7-9pm each Tuesday of Lent.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Added a guest for March 13th - Father Romanus Cessario

Great new update! Father Romanus Cessario will be joining us on This is the Day on Friday, March 13th to talk about his new book The Seven Last Words of Jesus. It is a beautiful book of profound and lively meditations on Christ’s last words, illustrated with full-color reproductions of a newly-restored Italian painted cross

Father Cessario is the Senior Editor of Magnificat and professor at St. John's Seminary in Boston. This book is based on his preaching at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City. He addresses many everyday concerns: marriage, liturgy, suffering, vocations, etc. The foreword to the book is written by His Eminence, Edward Cardinal Egan, Archbishop of New York who recently retired.

Be sure and join us on Friday at 10:30am(ET) to hear about this great Lenten resource.

Bishop Talks Hurricanes and Helping Others During Television Interview

Bishop Sam Jacobs from the Houma-Thibodaux diocese in Louisiana will be featured in an interview on the CatholicTV talk show “This is the Day” on March 3rd.

Bishop Jacobs will be on “This is the Day” discussing disaster response ministry and how one person has the ability to make a difference.

Bishop Sam Jacobs has been the spiritual leader of the Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux since October 2003. Prior to that, Jacobs, 70, served as bishop of the Diocese of Alexandria, LA for 14 years.

When asked about prayer recently, Bishop Jacobs replied, “Prayer is a lifeline for me. I pray to God but at the same time I ask for Mary and the saints to intercede for me before the throne of God. For instance, if I want something from you, I would ask for something from you. But, I may still go to your mother and ask if she will put in a good word for me. It’s the same idea. ... My prayer before the Lord is for the needs of the diocese and personal concerns.”

In a letter written in 2008, Bishop Jacobs encouraged women in his diocese to become spiritual mothers to individual priests by committing to daily prayer for a particular priest, to pray for him at each Mass they attend, to offer sacrifices for him, etc.

“This is the Day” can be seen on Tuesday, March 3rd live at 10:30AM (EST)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Jewish Rabbi hosts New Series on CatholicTV

Starting in March, CatholicTV will premiere a new series called “Exodus” which is hosted by Rabbi Samuel Chiel.

Each week, CatholicTV airs an episode of “Exodus” with Rabbi Chiel. Rabbi Chiel is the Rabbi Emeritus of Temple Emmanuel which is one of the largest Jewish congregations in Massachusetts. Rabbi Chiel is also an author. He wrote the book “The Healing Power of the Psalms”.

In the new “Exodus” series, Rabbi Chiel makes common sense out of the story of Moses, Pharoah, the Israelites, and the ten commandments.

Thus far, Rabbi Chiel has received positive feedback regarding his show both from Catholics and Jews alike.

During a previous series by Rabbi Chiel on CatholicTV, viewers contacted Rabbi Chiel to thank him for the show. “One Catholic viewer contacted me for advice. I advised her regarding her job, her mother, and other issues. She was very happy to talk to me” said Rabbi Chiel.

Rabbi Chiel met CatholicTV employees during a pilgrimage to Israel. The pilgrimage included both Christians and Jews. A year after the pilgrimage, someone at CatholicTV contacted Rabbi Chiel and the rest was history.

Starting in March, “Exodus” will air each week on CatholicTV at the following times:

Monday noon; Thursday 2:00PM; Friday 4:30PM; Saturday noon; Sunday 10:00PM