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Monday, January 31, 2011

Did You Miss the 2011 March For Life? Watch Video of Youth Rally and Mass For Life in Washington at CatholicTV.com

Photo by A. Wessling, Executive Director - Office of Evangelization, Outreach & Information Archdiocese of Washington

Footage of the Youth Rally For Life and Mass For Life From Washington, D.C. is now available at http://www.CatholicTV.com/catholic-television.

The Youth Rally For Life included musical performances by Steve Angrisano, Ike Ndolo, Maddie Curtis and an audience of thousands of young Catholics from around the country.

During his homily, which is viewable now at CatholicTV.com, Fr. Mark Ivan said, “The biggest difference between other civil rights movements and the right to life movement is that the people whose rights are being taken away by Roe vs. Wade are not here to stand up for themselves. They can’t show the people in power that they are just as human as everyone else, they can’t march around Washington like the women who were denied the right to vote, they can’t give powerful speeches like Fredrick Douglass or Martin Luther King. The millions of unborn babies that have been affected by abortion aren’t here to stand up for themselves.

Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington presided over the Mass For Life at the Verizon Center. Due to overwhelming attendance at this event in the past years, a second Youth Rally and Mass for Life also took place at the DC Armory and allowed an additional 10,000 youth to attend.

CatholicTV Network coverage of major events in the American Catholic Church can be viewed at www.CatholicTV.com/Catholic-Television. There are over 1,800 videos at the network's website for free, on-demand viewing.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Documentary Airing on CatholicTV Debunks Da Vinci Code Myths About Opus Dei

During the week of February 7th, CatholicTV will air the documentary Opus Dei: Decoding God’s Work.

Opus Dei was thrust into the international spotlight after Dan Brown’s novel The Da Vinci Code sold more than 40 million copies.

The Da Vinci Code left many people wondering, what is the real Opus Dei? What is their agenda? What is their place in the Catholic Church? And are they anything like the depiction in Dan Brown's novel?

Opus Dei: Decoding God's Work unveils the history and significance of St. Josemaría Escrivá and "The Work" God entrusted to him. Featuring interviews with Opus Dei leaders throughout the world and Vatican Affairs expert John Allen, the documentary examines The Da Vinci Code's many myths and distortions and presents another portrait of Opus Dei.

"The mission of Opus Dei is to help people turn their work and daily activities into occasions for growing closer to God, for serving others, and for improving society. It produces not fundamentalists but disciples who are open to the world. It does not harbor secrets, but shouts out from the rooftops the Good News about Jesus Christ, his life, message, and Church. Opus Dei is a dynamic witness to the universal call to holiness embraced by the Second Vatical Council." Fr. Thomas Rosica, C.S.B

The documentary will air during the week beginning February 7th at CatholicTV.com and on CatholicTV cable outlets at the following times (Eastern): Monday 10:30 p.m., Wednesday 2 p.m., Friday noon, and Sunday 2 a.m.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops created a website addressing the myths and historical inaccuracies of the book “The Da Vinci Code”. The web address for this site is http://www.jesusdecoded.com/

Opus Dei: Decoding God's Work was produced by Salt and Light Television, Toronto, Canada (http://www.saltandlighttv.org/)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Private College Which Wants To “Clearly Proclaim” Its Catholic Identity Will Be Discussed on Live CatholicTV Talk Show

On February 8th, the renewal and renaming of The College of Saint Mary Magdalen (CSMM) will be discussed on the live CatholicTV talk show “This is the Day”.

Tim Van Damm from CSMM will be interviewed on the set of This is the Day.

“The change in name reflects The College’s desire to clearly proclaim our Catholic identity, to bring greater honor to our patroness, Saint Mary Magdalen, and to stand firmly with The Church in the commitment to the New Evangelization.”, says the CSMM website.

In addition to a new name, The College of Saint Mary Magdalen also renewed the program of studies. George Harne, The College’s Academic Dean stated “we have given Catholic philosophers, theologians, historians, poets, and artists the prominent voice they deserve within any liberal arts program that is worthy of being called Catholic.”

In an interview with The National Catholic Register, CSMM President Jeffrey Karls said, “Through our name change we have sought to place a greater emphasis on our patroness, St. Mary Magdalen, and the original spirit of the college. St. Mary Magdalen had converted to Christ and was the first layperson who witnessed the Resurrection of Christ, addressing him at that first meeting as “Rabboni,” which means “Teacher.” She then became the apostle to the Apostles, announcing the Resurrection.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

High School Students Fasting To Learn About The Poor and Hungry? Two Youth Ministers Will Discuss Unique Retreat on Live CatholicTV Talk Show

On February 4th, youth ministers Jen Campagna and Scott Morin will appear on the live CatholicTV talk show “This is the Day”. They will discuss a unique retreat which both of them will be participating in along with high schools students and adults at their parishes.

“Food Fast” is a 24-hour hunger awareness retreat for Catholic youth developed by Catholic Relief Services (CRS). Jen and Scott will discuss this unique retreat, and how they are using it to teach young people about issues faced by their peers in the developing world and also to encourage the young people to take action on behalf of the poor and hungry. Participants will also raise money to donate to CRS.

CatholicTV will also air videos promoting Food Fast during lent.

This is the Day airs at 10:30AM ET at CatholicTV.com and on CatholicTV cable outlets. The show is rebroadcast at 7:30PM and other times during the week.

CatholicTV will also air an interview of Bishop Gerald Gettelfinger. Bishop Gettelfinger is from the Diocese of Evansville, Indiana. In honor of Scout Sunday, Bishop Gettelfinger discusses scouting as youth ministry. He served as the Episcopal Liaison to the National Catholic Committee on Scouting. Scout Sunday will be celebrated across the United States on February 8th.

Ordination Mass of Kansas Bishop and Vespers From Vatican to Air on CatholicTV in February

On February 2nd at 8 p.m.ET, CatholicTV will air the Celebration of Vespers from the Vatican with Pope Benedict XVI.

On February 8th at noon, CatholicTV will air the Ordination and Installation Mass of Father John Brungardt as the new Bishop of the Diocese of Dodge City, Kansas. The Mass will be rebroadcast at 8 p.m.

Both of these broadcasts will stream from CatholicTV.com and will air simultaneously on CatholicTV cable outlets.

Archived Papal Programming can be accessed any time at http://www.CatholicTV.com/Pope-Benedict-xvi (including Papal Visit to Spain, England and more).

Footage of other major events in the American Catholic Church and the Vatican can be viewed at http://www.CatholicTV.com/catholic-television.aspx.