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Monday, March 22, 2010

The Return of 40 Million Aborted Children? Author Will Discuss During Live CatholicTV Interview

On March 23, John Regan, the author of the pro-life book “Return of the Children” will be interviewed during the live CatholicTV talk show “This is the Day”. Return of the Children is a fictional story about forty million aborted American children returning to Earth to bring God's love, mercy, forgiveness and healing to their mothers, their fathers, and the abortionists.

This is the Day airs live at 10:30AM ET at CatholicTV.com and on CatholicTV.

The 2010 Springfield, Massachusetts Women’s Conference will also be discussed on “This is the Day.” This year’s conference will feature key note speaker Johnnette Benkovic, Founder and President of Living His Life Abundantly International Inc. and the Founder of Women of Grace, an apostolate for Christian women.

Musician Sarah Hart will lead praise and worship at the conference. Sarah is a recipient of multiple Unity Awards including songwriter, producer, and Female Vocalist of the Year. She is also a founding member of Daughters of God.

Catholic Women’s Conference Chairman Jean Raczkowski, and Marion Johnson (Mistress of Ceremonies) will be on This is the Day to discuss the upcoming Women’s Conference.

More information on John Regan:

Following the infamous Roe vs. Wade decision which legalized abortion, John managed the election campaign of a New York pro-life attorney who was seeking to unseat a town judge on Long Island.

Since 1990, John has been writing religious books and two years ago perceived the need to address the most infrequently mentioned aspect of abortion; forgiveness.

More information on the 2010 Springfield, Massachusetts Women’s Conference can be found at http://www.diospringfield.org/womensconf.html

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