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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

CatholicTV Uses Advanced Software to Increase Productivity

CatholicTV is now using an advanced software to increase productivity and assist in its transition to high definition broadcasting.

The new software, made by Dalet, is also used by ABC, FOX, NPR, and many other innovative international media companies.

The new software allows CatholicTV to transition its old programming from tape format to file format. This means, among other things, that members of the production staff will be able to bring up all of CatholicTV’s older programs instantly at their computers rather than have to search through a room full of tapes.

The new software (a.k.a. media asset management system) will also allow CatholicTV to more easily distribute its content to new outlets such as the iPhone. In other words, the new software will make it easier for CatholicTV to reach more viewers.
“I like the way it makes the workflow more efficient and simpler. It streamlines the whole process of production” said Tim Stonesifer, a member of the CatholicTV production staff.

“It’s a huge step forward in productivity” said Mark Quella, CatholicTV’s Chief Engineer.

CatholicTV created its own social networking site, iCatholic.com in 2010. Since then, members have formed an online prayer community where they discuss their Catholic faith, and share pictures, stories, and videos.

CatholicTV also has its own iPhone application. More information is available at carryyourfaith.com

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