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Monday, May 2, 2011

CatholicTV To Use Same High Definition Production Switcher as Major Networks

Starting May 5th, CatholicTV will begin using a new switcher which will allow CatholicTV to increase its production quality and to have equal or better live effects capabilities as the major networks in America.

The new switcher will be used for the first time at CatholicTV to produce the game show WOW: The CatholicTV Challenge (WOW), which teaches the Catholic faith and features 3rd-grade contestants. Previous seasons of the series have garnered both Telly and Pixie awards.

The new switcher is produced by Grass Valley, a company which serves the broadcast and professional video industries.

Once the new switcher is in use, CatholicTV will have the capabilities to have a ticker streaming across the bottom of the screen or on the sides and will also have the capabilities to have live split screens which are often seen on national news broadcasts and on sports shows. These are among a host of new capabilities CatholicTV’s production staff will have access to.

CatholicTV Production Manager Pete Kaminski said of the new HD switcher “it gives us the capability to do more creative things with more [video] sources.”

CatholicTV will also begin using new high definition cameras the same week. This will be the first time WOW will be produced in full high-definition

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