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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Who is:  

The CatholicTV® Network 
(America’s Catholic Television Network®)

    The CatholicTV® Network is a twenty-four hour cable, satellite and IP television network available throughout the United States in selected markets on Comcast, Charter, Verizon FiOS, RCN, Cox, SkyAngel and numerous other cable providers.   

   You may visit the network website at www.CatholicTV.com

o  The CatholicTV Network is the first Catholic television station in the world!   More information and a history can be found in Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CatholicTV

o  The CatholicTV Network is known as America’s Catholic Television Network®

·  Faithful to the magisterium, The CatholicTV Network operates under the auspices of Cardinal Seán O’Malley, Archbishop of Boston and with the blessing of Archbishop Vigneron of Detroit connecting the network to the universal Church
·  The mission of The CatholicTV Network is to showcase the diversity and the good work occurring throughout the Catholic Church in the United States and beyond.  We seek to educate, evangelize and inspire people of all ages with the precious wealth of Catholic belief and life. 

o The CatholicTV Network features programming from many dioceses, religious orders, Catholic campuses and individual producers from around the nation as well as Papal Masses and other events from The Vatican Television Center.

o  One of the great challenges to The CatholicTV Network has been to find ways to bring to the television screen the rich treasure of Catholic Faith, tradition and life for the purpose of a more vibrant Evangelization.  To this end, the network taps into the wealth of talent and media available across the nation providing a platform for all that is good, noble and true in the Catholic community.

o  The CatholicTV Network strives to offer an orthodox and authentic presentation of Catholic belief and life which draws on national talent, but retains a local feel.

·  The CatholicTV Network provides a connection to the Church and therefore to Christ for as many people as possible. 

o  The network is very faithful to senior viewers and the sick by providing daily Mass, the Rosary, the Divine Mercy Chaplet and welcome entertainment.  

o  Much like the satellite radio station “The Catholic Channel” (on Sirius/XM), The CatholicTV Network makes a concerted effort to reach young people, families and average Catholics searching for quality programming that teaches the Faith in a fresh and exciting way. 

·  The CatholicTV Network uses printed, digital and social media effectively including: CatholicTV.com, Twitter, Facebook, iCatholic.com, The CatholicTV Monthly magazine and an extended digital version of the printed magazine

·  On The CatholicTV Network, we refer to our viewers as: “The CatholicTV Family” and the network as:  “The Parish of the Airwaves”

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