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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Persecution of Christians

On today's episode of This is the Day, Mark Riedemann and Edward Clancy came on to talk about the very serious problem of religious persecution against Christians (especially Christians in the Middle East).

The problem of religious persecution is one that is frequently ignored by those of us who are blessed with religious freedom. We are often unaware of the degree to which Christians are persecuted throughout the world. According to Mark, over 70% of the acts of religious persecution around the world are against Christians.


Edward Clancy is the Director of Outreach and Evangelization for Aid to the Church in Need, based in Brooklyn, NY. Mark Riedemann is the host of Where God Weeps, a series which places the suffering Church in focus and a project of Aid to the Church in Need. You can watch Where God Weeps on CatholicTV throughout the week.

Learn more about the persecution of Christians around the world and how you can stand in solidarity with them and offer aid by checking out Aid to the Church in Need.

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