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Friday, April 12, 2013

USA Makes Reality Show With “Christian Values”

From Slate:

The Moment drawns on many of the standard USA procedural elements. It’s aspirational and upbeat—what could be more pleasant than seeing good people get another chance to accomplish their life goals? Friends and family are front and center—the dreamers are nominated by relatives, and, in the two episodes that I’ve seen, the love and support of friends and family is key to their success. The second-chancers are all talented—they’d have to be to take photographs for Sports Illustrated, drive on the NASCAR truck circuit, or skipper an America’s Cup vessel—and they’re mentored by seasoned pros.
There is, in other words, a wholesomeness to the show that’s sometimes hard to find in reality television. And though faith and religion aren’t specifically mentioned in the first two episodes, executive producer Charlie Ebersol told me that the show is designed to promote Christian values.

Great to see Christian values promoted on secular TV! We got a chance to speak with Kurt Warner, host of The Moment, about the new series. You can catch our interview with him right here:

If you missed last night's premiere of The Moment you can check it out right here: http://www.usanetwork.com/videos/The%20Moment/Full%20Episodes

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