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Monday, November 26, 2007

Daily Appeciation

The celebration of Thanksgiving in our country and with our families is an annual reminder of how grateful we really should be. Now that the holiday is past, this Monday morning gives us an opportunity to be grateful. This should be a daily practice for it is a practice of our Faith.

Personally speaking, I am not feeling that well. I came down with some brutal chest cold late last week and it really has a grip on me. However, this afternoon I am going to visit with a man in his 50's, the brother of a neighbor of mine. This man is in the last stages of a fight with cancer. He wants to talk about death and his funeral. So, as you can see, I have every reason to be grateful, even if I am physically dragging.

Apart from my health, my Faith, my priesthood, my family and friends I remain daily thankful for the chance to work at CatholicTV. We have a fantastic group of people who make this Catholic television station run 24 hours, every day. We have many generous priests who come in to celebrate the television Mass and not without personal sacrifice. We have good programs and a bright future. Best of all, I feel we represent and serve the average, good Catholic who is out there striving to be like Jesus Christ in the midst of daily living!

So, consider yourself quite fortunate today and make this a daily practice. God has been so good to you and me. Make gratitude to Almighty God the first prayer of your day, every day.

-Father Reed of CatholicTV.com

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