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Thursday, November 29, 2007

OneFaith: a great opportunity at CatholicTV

Our life is a journey with Christ and our lives together are marked by tremendous and touching stories. Our society and world is in desperate need of inspiration from great thinkers, gentle souls and creative, happy women and men who are being formed as disciples of Jesus Christ.

To this end, we would like to help you tell the world about the stories of Faith that you have seen, heard or told. We invite you to submit a video of between three and five minutes which creatively tells the true story of the Faith of an individual, couple, family, group or parish. The video could be of various styles including fiction, non-fiction, documentary, exposé, comedy or YouTubesque. This video must be completely original and follow closely the guidelines included with this letter. We reserve the right to choose or not to choose the video for airing...we also reserve the right to play the heck out of it if it is really ingenious and fun!If chosen, your video could be seen nationally in a new series on CatholicTV tentatively called: One Faith!

This is your big chance to inspire many others outside your circle of family, friends and parish toward a deeper Faith in Christ. The deadline is January 21, 2008 so get working…you never know whose life you will change by telling your one great story of Faith.

For more information about the OneFaith project, click right here.

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