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Monday, February 23, 2009

Mothers are a gift

I had just hung up the phone with my mother and went to sit down and watch some television. I began to think of what it must have been like for her to watch her children grow and struggle through the challenges and embrace the joins that come with being a parent. I know now how quickly time goes by when you have children and how your life becomes wrapped up in your children’s needs. Everyday I think about Amelia, James and Ethan and hope that the other children were kind to them, that they had fun at school, and that they are enjoying life. I love when they laugh and am hurt when they cry. They and Shirley are my life and I am so happy to be with them. After I got off the phone it finally hit me that my mother feels the same way about my sisters and me. She was there for our first steps, first day of school, the proms, weddings, and the birth of our children. She was beside us for both the good times and the bad. She had to bury her oldest daughter which I cannot fathom. I had forgotten getting the care packages while at college filled with food. How I looked forward to receiving them. Not just because of the content but because of what they signified. My mother loved me and cared about me. Put this is perspective of what Jesus mother Mary endured. She stood beside Him when almost all others hid. She watched people hurt and kill him, the little boy she loved. She never abandoned Him! I would like to wish all mothers and especially my mom a happy mother’s day this month. What a gift mothers are! Jay

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