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Friday, February 27, 2009

New Season of "We've Got To Talk"

Starting in March, we will air a new season of the show “We’ve Got To Talk” starring Fr. Dan O’Connell. Fr. Dan O’Connell is known for his energetic and creative preaching, his sweater-wearing during the summer, and his preaching in front of incredible backgrounds.

The new episodes of “We’ve Got to Talk” will start airing in March. Themes from a few of these episodes are listed below:

: This episode begins with a story of how Fr. Dan was approached by a high-priced fortune teller on the street who wanted to sell her services to Fr. Dan. Fr. Dan takes this experience and uses it to explain how God’s love is free and how we shouldn’t spend our time or money on things which fail to satisfy.

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE: Fr. Dan notices a puppy that is overjoyed at seeing his friend, a 12-year girl at the airport. The occurrence reminds Fr. Dan about the unconditional love of the Lord. Fr. Dan talks about how St. Paul was able to love the Lord even though St. Paul’s preaching had sent him to prison.

HIS YOKE OUR SALVATION: Fr. Dan talks about how God is always with us. He remembers how one of his splashguards came loose from his car and was dragging on the highway, and a couple of motorists got his attention and warned him by pointing at the front of his car. Fr. Dan likens this situation to God’s desire to constantly be there for us and to help us.

“We’ve Got to Talk” can be seen each week at the following times: Monday- 5PM; Tuesday- 11PM; Wednesday- 12:30PM; Thursday- 10:30AM; Friday- 8:30PM; Saturday- 12:30PM; Sunday- 2PM. All times are Eastern Standard.

The show is viewable on CatholicTV where available and is also streamed live (simultaneously) at www.CatholicTV.com. Shows are currently offered in the archives and are viewable full-screen now for free. Click here or post this URL into your browser to view archived episodes. http://www.catholictv.org/shows/default.aspx?seriesID=77.

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