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Thursday, March 12, 2009

TV Show Teaches How To Be A Good Mother?

CatholicTV is now showing a series entitled Mothering Full of Grace. The show revolves around motherhood and matrimony as callings from God.

Mothering Full of Grace features Rhea Johner as host. She is a wife and mother. She offers her own experiences as a mother and also shares her spiritual insights. Episodes include group discussions, interviews with professionals such as a Catholic psychologist, and input from fathers and husbands.

In one episode about caregiving, Rhea recalls how she and her husband knew they were imperfect, yet were called to raise a perfect newborn. She and her husband were pleased to find that there was an entire section about raising children in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

After discussing her initial experience of motherhood during the same episode, a group of mothers discuss the challenges of motherhood. In their discussions, mothers on the show talk about the issues that all mothers are concerned with including, educating children and even their careers.

Of course, the show is unique because although real-world issues are discussed in a practical way, God is not excluded from the conversations. Also, the spirituality of the show revolves around the Catholic faith. Words like vocation and “God” are often used during the show.

The show can be seen each week at 3:30PM

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