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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Marian Heresies, Symbolism, and Theology To Be Discussed on CatholicTV Show

Starting in August, CatholicTV will air a show called “Icons of the Blessed Mother”. The show is hosted by Fr. Lenny Tighe and offers a unique opportunity for Catholics to become more familiar with Mary through various icons. Fr. Lenny looks at the icons in detail in order to explain the theology of Mary as Mother God and the history and meaning behind the icons. His discussion includes Catholic councils which clarified Marian teachings and addressed various Marian heresies.

For the month of August, Fr. Lenny Tighe will introduce and share thought-provoking knowledge about the following icons:

Our Lady of Perpetual Help- An icon originating from the 15th century which depicts Mary carrying Jesus. The icon is full of interesting symbolism and many Catholics have received physical healings and answers to their prayers while praying before the image.

Virgin of the Sign of Mt. Sinai- This fascinating icon depicts Moses kneeling before the burning bush which contains Mary and Jesus in her womb. Fr. Tighe mentions both the Old and New Testaments and Mary’s involvement in the life of Christ and God’s plan of salvation.

Virgin of Holy Protection- This icon is a Slavic image and comes from Kiev, Ukraine. The icon gives American Catholics a unique opportunity to view an icon of the Eastern Catholic Church. The icon is an artistic depiction of a vision which a Saint and his prodigy had during an all-night prayer vigil.

The show will air at the following times (EST) each week in August: Monday-11AM; Wednesday-8PM; Friday-1AM.

An episode of “Icons of the Blessed Mother” can be viewed by clicking here: http://www.CatholicTV.com/videos/videos.aspx?videoID=343

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