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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pro-Life Music Video by Jaime Thietten Now Viewable at CatholicTV.com

CatholicTV.com now features a pro-life video by Christian artist Jaime Thietten. Jaime has been singing her whole life and has shared the stage with celebrities such as Glen Frey of The Eagles and Jay Leno. Her song “My Chance” tells the heart-wrenching story of a mother who decides to have an abortion, but later regrets her decision. The video is available at http://www.catholictv.com/shows/default.aspx?seriesID=81&videoID=819

CatholicTV is a nationally-broadcasted television network headquartered near Boston. CatholicTV streams its broadcast simultaneously, 24 hours a day at www.CatholicTV.com

Jaime has dedicated part of her career to help bring awareness to the value of human life from the time of conception. She also helped to produce a video accompanying “My Chance” which includes interviews and information about life-saving options such as adoption.

"So many children lose their lives everyday," Jaime says. "People have asked me why I would want to tackle such a controversial subject at this time in my musical career. My answer is that we can't afford to wait. Lives need to be saved now. I'm not worried about what others think."

“My Chance" received the “Song of the Year” in March at this year's Momentum Award ceremonies in Nashville on March 28. This is a second win in this category for Jaime, who received Song of the Year for "Reckless Love" in 2007, along with 2007 Female Vocalist of the Year.

In June of 2009 Jaime learned that that "My Chance" had gained another #1 award. The song won the Grand Prize of $5000 and #1 position in the overall Music Finals in the fan-voted OurStage.com music competition for May 2009. For more information please visit: http://www.jtmusic.net

About Jaime Thietten:

As an artist of faith, Jaime challenges us to look past the limitations of our humanity such as denomination, background and appearances which only create divisive relationships built on the fear of differences. Through her music she encourages us to see the Love, Grace and Mercy of Jesus, and that we are called to be as one through Christ. Her desire is to lift up, in hope and forgiveness, those who are hurting, alone and afraid.

During her 10-year singing career, Thietten has used her soaring soprano voice to garner radio airplay around the world, win major industry awards, and share stages with acts such as Phillips, Craig & Dean, Avalon, the Gaithers, Michael English, Clay Walker, Seventh-Day Slumber, and many others. She currently worships at St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church in Murfreesboro, TN where her husband Pete Espil is the Director of Youth Ministries.

CatholicTV regularly airs pro-life programming such as “Body Matters” and “The Future Depends on Love”.

Link to “The Future Depends on Love” including archived episodes: http://www.catholictv.com/shows/default.aspx?seriesID=74

Link to “Body Matters” including archived video of Fr. Tad Pacholczyk on in vitro fertilization : http://www.catholictv.com/shows/default.aspx?seriesID=153

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