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Thursday, August 19, 2010

CatholicTV Uses Special Canon Camera to Produce High-Quality HD Video

CatholicTV has begun shooting some of its productions with the new Canon 7D camera, which bloggers and photographers have raved about since its introduction. Despite hesitation from many other television networks, CatholicTV has already begun using this new camera in some of its productions.

This unique camera, which costs only a fraction of the price of some of CatholicTV’s studio cameras, shoots high-quality 1080p HD video. This video comes surprisingly close to the quality of the video seen on the silver screen.

“It was a particularly exciting decision when we started to use the new camera, since a lot of networks have been hesitant to try out this technology and to broadcast it. At CatholicTV, we dove right in” said Adam Stone, a member of the CatholicTV production crew.

Stone went on to say, “before using the new camera, I was working on in-house promotional videos. In an effort to get the right look, we put a lot of accessories on our original studio camera. However, the camera was then enormous and cumbersome.

This was before we started using the new, more nimble Canon camera. After our tests on the 7D, it became apparent we could get an even higher quality image from a camera that weighs less than two pounds.”

Father Robert P. Reed, President of The CatholicTV® Network, shared his thoughts on the use of the camera: “Never wanting the Catholic community to be left behind, our use of the Canon 7D in some of our promotional material at the CatholicTV Network had given us a breathtaking new look. We always believe that the Good News of Jesus Christ deserves the very best visual interpretation that technology can provide.”

At this point, CatholicTV uses the Canon 7D camera in a small number of its productions, but continues to look for new technology to help spread the Gospel.

The following link features a promotional video which was recorded using the Canon 7D at CatholicTV: http://www.CatholicTV.com/Catholic-trivia-WOW.aspx

CatholicTV recently received national attention after being featured on Comedy Central’s Colbert Report, as well as in an article with the Associated Press, and the Washington Post due to CatholicTV’s usage of 3-dimensional technology with some of its shows.

CatholicTV was also the world’s first Catholic television station to offer its own iPhone/iPad application. The application allows users to view the full daily mass and other programs as well on their handheld devices.

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