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Monday, August 23, 2010

Great Hope on Campus

When I was in school, I never relished the advent of September. It meant that the more relaxed time of the summer was over and the work of classes and study would begin again. Please keep in mind, and in your good prayers, our young people, who return to the classroom these days and populate the campuses of institutions of higher learning across this land.

Here at the CatholicTV Network and at this point in my life, September is a time of tremendous hope. Tens of thousands of people show their support for our work in our daily mail and at CatholicTVeverywhere.com. Our programming department has discovered some great new additions to our lineup for you to enjoy. Also, our talented production team has produced some new series of note, among them Way of Beauty, which features the artistic genius of the East, and Hope on Campus, with the Brotherhood of Hope.

You can sign up and help us build and strengthen America’s Catholic Television Network. All in all, September is a time of great hope on campus, at the CatholicTV Network and in our lives as disciples of the Lord. May these days be filled with promise for you as we begin a new season and move forward together in our journey of Faith.

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