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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

November and Upcoming All Souls Day- Note From Fr. Reed

The upcoming month of November begins with a glorious but somber reminder. We celebrate the life and witness of the many men and women, boys and girls who were faith-filled in their life journey and now experience God in the fullness of life in heaven. And, of course, on All Souls Day we remember all those who have died and pray in particular for those who are waiting in hope for the vision of God’s face.

It is our privilege at the CatholicTV® Network to pray each day for all of your loved ones who have died. Many have sent in the names of deceased family and friends, and those names are located near the altar in our beautiful CatholicTV chapel. Each and every day the priest who celebrates the television Mass remembers in a particular way your loved ones and friends who have gone home to God.

Although the month of November is focused in a sense on death, CatholicTV is very much alive in Christ. The upcoming November CatholicTV Monthly Magazine will make you more aware of a couple of innovations we have prepared for you. You will find out more about the new on-line Catholic community at iCatholic.com as well as a more extensive and national edition of the magazine available on-line and on multiple handheld and personal devices. Our goal, of course, is to extend the CatholicTV Network to as many people as possible – the homebound, the sick, families, young people and those whose livelihood requires them to travel a great deal. The goal, of course, is to encourage a deeper commitment among all of our viewers to Jesus Christ and to connect as many people as possible to the life-giving gift of His universal church.

May God bless you all for your continued attention and support of the CatholicTV Network, and may the living God grant to all our departed brothers and sisters eternal rest and peace.

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Anonymous said...

I thought it was nice to receive the letter from Catholic TV asking for us to send in those names of our beloved deceased to be entered into prayer this November. Thank you!!!