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Monday, October 4, 2010

A Note From Father Reed

Having lived in New England all my life, I have come to look forward to the autumn. The cooler air and downright chilly nights are a wake-up call; the brilliant colors of the turning leaves grab one’s attention.

At the CatholicTV® Network, we are particularly excited about this fall season. If you are a viewer, you have already had a taste of some of our new programming, both shows produced here in our studios and those we have acquired from all around the nation and the world.

Beyond programming, however, we continue to reach out to an ever-growing audience so as to connect people with Christ Jesus and with one another. We are proud of our new digital magazine entitled iCatholic featuring news about CatholicTV and stories and profiles of the people who make up the Church in the United States. If you are fortunate enough to have an iPad or iPhone, you can carry that digital magazine around with you by downloading the iCatholic app from iTunes. You can also read and enjoy this media-rich digital magazine at CatholicTV.com/catholic-magazine.

We also welcome you to join our innovative on-line community at the easy to remember address: iCatholic.com. This new website allows you to “meet” and interact with other members of the CatholicTV family and makes it possible for you to help us to make our new digital magazine even better.

These are just some of the “colors of the season” at CatholicTV, where it’s all for YOU!

Father Reed

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