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Monday, December 20, 2010

A Note From Father Reed

Our celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ brings joy to the world at the end of each year, and as we begin a new year we cannot help but be emboldened by hope in what the weeks and months before us hold.

Last fall we had the wonderful opportunity to be in Rome with our HD cameras, and as we begin a new year we have the privilege to bring that programming to you. You will have the chance to tour the city and experience its antiquity and its Catholicity. We will pray the mysteries of the Holy Rosary in new locations dear to us in the Faith. And as the cover of this January edition of our magazine suggests, we will have the opportunity to go behind the scenes at the Vatican with the Pope!

House+Home, our reality series, arrives in Vatican City this month and the Swiss Guard allow us inside to see how Pope Benedict and his staff make an apostolic palace into a home where faith, hope and love reside. You’ll get to experience a typical day in the life of the Holy Father as cameras wind through the hallways of the Papal residence.

Our cameras likewise found their way around ancient and Christian Rome for a new series on the CatholicTV® Network entitled Viaggio a Roma or “A Trip to Rome.” You
and I will visit many of the places that make Rome such a destination for pilgrims and students and tourists alike. It will be as if you are visiting the Eternal City right in your living room or on your computer screen. And we will pray the Rosary and celebrate Mass at the major basilicas of Rome, and even at the very tomb of St. Peter the Apostle.

All of this and our new weekly show, ClearVoice (with John Monahan and Christine Caswell) fill this new year with hope and the promise of more and exciting things to come your way on America's Catholic Television Network: CatholicTV!

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