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Friday, October 14, 2011

Amanda Lopez sings for CatholicTV

We had the pleasure of having Amanda Lopez in the studio yesterday to shoot a musical performance. Amanda won the Voice of an Angel contest in 2008. Along with Caro Fernandez, Deanna Pavese and Matt Sanchez (also winners of the contest), Amanda has been a part of the Stand United campaign, which revolves around a song of the same name, written to commemorate the 10th anniversary of September 11th, 2001.

Part of the promotion of the song has been an effort to rekindle the unity the nation felt after 9/11. Downloaders of the free song have been encouraged to donate to the 9/11 charity of their choice, and fans are asked to submit pictures of themselves "Standing United" with their loved ones.

Amanda w/ a few friends, Standing United

Amanda just started as a freshman at the Boston Conservatory, and was able to come in to our studios and shoot a solo version of the patriotic song. She's a very busy young woman with her school schedule, but was eager to come in for an interview and shooting of her song before she had to head back to class. I got a few pictures and some behind-the-scenes video of her visit. She sounded great and was a total pleasure!

W/ ClearVoice producer Kate Andrews
Sound Check w/engineer Steve Sasso

Chatting in the Green Room

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