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Friday, October 7, 2011

Pro Life Month: Finding the Courage to Talk About Abortion

Have you ever heard of the "spiral of silence"? Put simply, this theory says that people are less likely to voice their opinion about something if they believe they are in the minority. I always pictured an Odyssey-style whirlpool or a sinkhole when learning about this theory in college communications classes. When one person is silent, others around her lose their courage to speak, and still more around them lose their courage to speak. The result is an ever increasing number of people being pulled into silence because of a pervasive fear.

You probably didn't know that most people are pro life. If you're anything like me, you may know rationally that at least half of Americans are pro life, but you still feel like you're in the minority. It's easy to dismiss abortion as an off-limits topic, especially if you think no one agrees with you. But the way we fight the spiral of silence is by letting people around us know that they are not alone in their convictions.

In this latest LifeLine, Carolee McGrath talks about having courage to talk about abortion.

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