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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rockapella on This is the Day

Rockapella will be featured on CatholicTV's This is the Day this Friday at 10:30AM (EST) to present their new CD, "A Rockapella Holiday" and to perform some Christmas favorites.

Rockapella gained fame in the 90s with "Where in the World is Carmen San Diego" and their fame has only grown since then. The band has released 17 albums, both in North America and overseas and 3 compilation albums in Japan.

They recently performed a holiday show with the Boston Pops Orchestra, and are performing at Pops Symphony Hall tomorrow.

Rockapella sings "Silver Bells" on Fox

A true a Cappella group, Rockapella draws fans with its astonishing full-band sound... from only five guys.
“We’re making every bit as much music as the whole ‘Glee’ chorus – but with only five guys,” says Rockapella’s human beat-box Jeff Thacher.

USA Today said it best: “The best musical instrument of all is the human voice – if you’ve seen Rockapella you know that’s the truth.”

The current Rockapella line-up features Scott Leonard (since 1991, High Tenor), Jeff Thacher (1993, Vocal Percussionist), George Baldi III (2002, Bass), John K. Brown (2004, Tenor) and Steven Dorian (2010, Tenor). This line-up marks a regeneration of Rockapella whose talents cover a broad entertainment spectrum and are keenly focused on musical excellence.

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