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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Support CatholicTV | A message from Jay

First of all, I would like to thank all of you for a successful 2013 Telethon. We went above and beyond last year, and it's all because of you. Because of your generous pledges, we are able to keep bringing the Daily Mass and our other great programs to you. But the Telethon is only one fundraiser, and we run all year. In addition to the wonderful boost we get from Telethon pledges, we rely on regular, monthly support from you, the parishioners of the airwaves.
Today I would like to tell you about a chart you will see inside the February monthly magazine. This chart reflects the amount of donation envelopes we receive each month from the viewers of CatholicTV and readers of the magazine. We need your help.  Last month we mailed out over 16,000 magazines, and more than 1,200 donations were returned to us using the envelopes inside the magazines. Father Reed and I would like to get that number up.

I remember Jack Lawless and Father Frank talking one day and Father Frank was worried about the mail being down. He loved CatholicTV and was afraid for the future. As the three of us sat in the room Jack looked at Father Frank and said, “Don’t worry, Father. If people want the Mass and other programming they will support it.” Then without missing a beat Jack said,” If God wants it to happen it will.”

You could see the tension leave Father Franks face. He smiled and did not need to say another word. That was almost 20 years ago.

It is not easy to ask a friend for help but today we turn to you.  Please continue your support of us, and consider increasing it if you are able. If you cannot afford to make a gift please say a prayer for our ministry. And for those of you who don't receive a monthly magazine, consider helping us out online.

You are our rock on which we stand. Because of you and many like you we continue to grow and expand, bringing the saving message of Jesus to a world that needs it.  With your gifts at the Telethon and your continued gifts throughout the year,  CatholicTV is able to touch many lives with our programming. Father Reed, myself and the entire hard working staff thank you for that.

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