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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

CatholicTV Announces Date of Annual Live Telethon

On October 1st, 2010, CatholicTV will broadcast its annual telethon. The CatholicTV telethon is one of the most unique live television broadcasts in the nation because it typically involves an almost unheard-of 12 hours of live television.

CatholicTV is a nationally-broadcasted television network headquartered near Boston. CatholicTV streams its broadcast simultaneously, 24 hours a day at www.CatholicTV.com in addition to its other broadcast outlets

Last year’s telethon included musical performances from artists from across the U.S. including musicians from Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and many others. The performers included Vince Ambrosetti, Kitty Cleveland, and others.

CatholicTV began as the world’s first diocesan television station and has been broadcasting for over 50 years. The telethon has been part of the CatholicTV tradition for nearly 2 decades.

Because the live broadcast is so labor intensive, many CatholicTV viewers volunteer at the telethon by answering phones, and performing other duties.

CatholicTV’s viewers have been called the “parish of the airwaves”. CatholicTV employees (especially Director Fr. Robert Reed) consider the viewers “parishioners”. Connie Murphy (one of CatholicTV’s “parishioners” from Medford, Massachusetts) along with his wife Cathleen have volunteered at the annual telethon for over 15 years. In a phone interview with Connie Murphy, he said, “It’s a lot of fun and we have met a lot of people while volunteering. Sometimes, viewers will call in and ask me to wave at them on live television.”

Traditionally, the Cardinal Archbishop of Boston makes an appearance on the telethon. Last year, Cardinal Se├ín O’Malley visited the telethon and briefly asked viewers to consider making a donation to CatholicTV.

The telethon will air on CatholicTV on Friday, October 1st from 9AM until 10PM (Eastern). The telethon will be viewable at CatholicTV.com and will air simultaneously on CatholicTV. The show is produced by Kevin Nelson and is hosted by CatholicTV General Manager Jay Fadden and Director Father Robert Reed.

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