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Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Columns in Free CatholicTV Magazine Teach About Evangelization, Liturgy, and Roman Missal

CatholicTV’s free monthly magazine has added 2 new columns. For the month of October, the two new columns focus on the new Roman Missal and evangelization.

One of the new columns is called Theology 101 and is written by Ms. Rita Thiron, Director of the Office of Worship of the Diocese of Lansing, Michigan.

The other new column is written by Fr. Charles Irvin, a priest who worked as an attorney before entering the seminary and who served as a First Lieutenant in the U.S. Army. Known as Fr. Charlie, he is the founding editor of Faith magazine, published by the Diocese of Lansing, Michigan, and worked in young adult ministry for 11 years. In the past, Fr. Charlie has written about a wide range of topics, from suffering, to stem cell research, and natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina. After 40 years of priestly ministry Father lives in "active retirement" in DeWitt, Michigan, on the grounds of St. Francis Retreat Center and has traveled extensively, including five pilgrimages in Europe and the Holy Land.

These two new columns will appear periodically in The CatholicTV Monthly (The Monthly). The monthly is a free magazine produced by CatholicTV. The Monthly typically includes stories and information about CatholicTV, its shows, and subjects of interest to Catholics. The Monthly even includes Catholic crossword puzzles.

CatholicTV also offers a digital version of its monthly magazine called iCatholic which is twice as long as the print version and includes many more articles. iCatholic also has videos integrated right into the magazine which reads just like a print magazine, only with videos inserted into the pages.

The September issue of the digital magazine included stories about Oklahoma State University basketball coach Kurt Budke and how his Catholic faith goes with his job. This article was among over a dozen, most of which focused on education, since the school year started in September for most students.

The digital magazine can be viewed now at: http://www.CatholicTV.com/catholic-magazine.aspx

Sign-up for the print magazine can be found at http://www.CatholicTV.com/magazine/subscribe.aspx

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