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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

CatholicTV Asks Catholics to Help Spread CatholicTVeverywhere

Image courtesy of Glenmary Research Center (red areas indicate dense Catholic population)

CatholicTV recently launched an effort calling on Catholics to help spread CatholicTV across the nation.

Catholicism is the largest religious denomination in the United States. Close to a quarter of the US population identifies themselves as Catholic. 52% of Pennsylvania residents are Catholic, 44% in Massachusetts, 37% in California, and 36% in New York (Source: Wikipedia).

Despite these large numbers, many Catholics have only one or at most two Catholic television channels to choose from in their local areas. CatholicTV is available to carriers free-of-charge.

CatholicTV is asking people to visit http://www.CatholicTVeverywhere.com and join its list of supporters. Names of supporters are used in a similar fashion as a petition, which will show cable and satellite providers the amount of support and demand for Catholic television programming. This in turn, should help CatholicTV to spread its programming to more cities.

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