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Friday, September 10, 2010

CatholicTV Programming Comes to Virgin Islands

CatholicTV programming is now available to Innovative Cable viewers in the Virgin Islands on the islands of St. John and St. Thomas.

Each day CatholicTV programming airs on Innovative Cable channel 16 from 4-8PM Eastern (Virgin Islands time is the same) and also from midnight to 6AM.

CatholicTV programming during these time slots includes the CatholicTV Daily Mass, CatholicTV’s signature talk show “This is the Day”, the new art show “The Way of Beauty”, the made-by-teens show “Realfaith TV”, and much more. To view the schedule visit www.CatholicTV.com

Fr. Robert Reed, President of the CatholicTV Network said of this new development, “On behalf of our entire staff at the CatholicTV® Network, I want to extend a very special welcome to all of our new viewers on the Virgin Islands on Innovative Cable. To all who have joined us on the islands of St. John and St. Thomas, we are so happy to know that you are part of the CatholicTV family!”

Monsignor Jerome Feudjio, Chancellor, Catholic Television in the Virgin Islands encouraged Innovative Cable to carry CatholicTV programming.

CatholicTV is currently seeking to expand its broadcast across the U.S. on as many cable and satellite providers as possible. Interested parties may help to bring CatholicTV to their providers by signing an online petition that will be used to encourage cable and satellite providers to include CatholicTV amongst their channels. Interested parties may sign up at CatholicTVeverywhere.com.

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