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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Three New Kid’s Shows Now on CatholicTV

Starting in September, CatholicTV launched its new season which includes 3 children’s shows which are new to CatholicTV.

The new shows include 2 animated series, one about a donkey and another about the adventures of a girl named Gigi. These 2 series are called “The Adventures of Donkey Ollie” and “Gigi, God's Little Princess”.
Another children’s show new to CatholicTV is “Mr. Henry’s Wild and Wacky Bible Stories” (Bible Stories).

Bible Stories uses skits, music, games, and occasional animation to teach children in a fun manner about courage, fear, helping others, respect, and much more. Frank Peretti stars as Mr. Henry. Peretti has sold more than 12 million books in addition to starring in Bible Stories.

Below are some of the cartoons which air on CatholicTV along with air times (Eastern):

Adventures in Odyssey: A cartoon series about kids from a small town getting into big adventures. (Mondays 8AM & 3:30PM; Saturdays 8:30AM)

Storybook: Series of short stories with reflections at the end which link the story to the teaching of Jesus and Saint Paul. (airs at varying times between 7:30AM and 9AM on Mondays, Saturdays, and Sundays)

Gigi, God’s Little Princess - Fridays 7:30AM and Sundays 7:30AM

The Adventures of Donkey Ollie- Mondays 7:30AM, Saturday 8AM

Mr. Henry’s Wild and Wacky Bible Stories- 7:30AM

Air times may vary on a monthly basis.

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