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Monday, February 7, 2011

Successor to the Apostles- Fr. Reed on Bishop-Elect Chris Coyne

A few weeks ago it was a thrill for all of us here at the CatholicTV® Network to receive word that “one of our own” had been named a successor to the Twelve Apostles.

Once pastor of St. Margaret Mary in Westwood, Massachusetts, Bishop Christopher Coyne has been called by Pope Benedict XVI to serve as auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis. Bishop Coyne served as a priest of the Archdiocese of Boston for almost 25 years. During that time, he demonstrated skill and gentleness as a pastor, teacher and leader.

I am sure it is those very qualities that will make Chris, along with Archbishop Buechlein, a fine shepherd in Indianapolis.

Bishop-elect Chris Coyne has served not only as a parish priest, but also as professor of liturgy and homiletics, as well as director of the Pre-Theology Program at St. John’s Seminary in Brighton, Massachsetts; as director for the Office of Worship, as well as cabinet secretary for communications and archdiocesan spokesman for the Archdiocese of Boston. Of course, the new bishop has willingly offered the CatholicTV Network a hand over the years in producing a number of series for television broadcast. Employing his skill as a teacher and expert in sacred liturgy, Bishop Coyne can be seen on CatholicTV in several series. Sacred Space returns to CatholicTV cable this March. This 13-part series examines houses of worship for different faiths. You can watch this series and other fine programs from Bishop Coyne at CatholicTV.com.

All of us here at the CatholicTV Network willingly join our prayers to those of Archbishop Buechlein and all the good and faithful people of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis as they celebrate this coming month of March the ordination of a new bishop and his first days of pastoral leadership and care.

Now, good Bishop Christopher: Let’s bring America’s Catholic Television Network® to Indiana!

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