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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Suffering Christians in Africa, the Middle East, and Haiti Discussed on Program on CatholicTV Throughout February

Throughout February, CatholicTV will air special episodes of a program called “Where God Weeps”. In February, Where God Weeps consists of interviews of Catholic Bishops testifying to the suffering Church in their home countries.

www.CatholicTV.com/Catholic-news-third-world also has over 50 episodes of Where God Weeps and all may be viewed free of charge without advertising. These episodes show the plight of Christians in countries like Iraq, where many Christians have been killed even at Churches.

CatholicTV.com visitors may watch episodes about Christians in Iran, China, Pakistan and other countries. In China, Catholic bishops were recently forced to attend conferences organized by the Chinese government. According to Catholic News Agency, “several Chinese Catholic sources have reported bishops being kidnapped or arrested, in order to compel their participation.

Pakistan has been in the world news recently because of its anti-blasphemy laws, including a recent case where a 17-year old student was jailed for something he “scribbled on an exam paper” according to Bede Sheppard, senior children’s rights researcher at Human Rights Watch.

The countries focused on in February episodes of Where God Weeps include Lebanon, where a new government is being formed after a recent collapse. On one episode airing in February, Bishop Bechara Rai of Jbeil, Lebanon discusses some of the unique struggles of Christians in Lebanon, which is 40% Christian.

Also interviewed on Where God Weeps in February will be Bishop Gabriel Ababio Mante from Ghana, Bishop Abraham Desta from Ethiopia, and Bishop Joseph Lafontant from Haiti.

Where God Weeps airs each week at the following times (Eastern) at CatholicTV.com and on CatholicTV cable outlets: Monday 5 a.m. Tuesday 1 a.m. Wednesday 8:30 p.m. and Thursday noon.

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George Kender Comney said...

It is time to build a Hebrew-speaking Christian buffer state
between Israel and Syria, including parts of Lebanon, Golan, Jordan, Cyprus,
and Sinai. Christians in Arab countries are hostages. The first
Christians were Hebrew Good Samaritans. And these hostages are Hebrew
Christians. Now that we know the Gospel was written in Hebrew and not
colonial Grecian or colonial Arambaic, we know that Paul wrote his
Epostiles to the Hebrew Diaspora, who became the first Christians.
The Christians of Lebanon have been under Syrian occupation since 1974
and have departed only nominally. The only way we would push back
abominal millenia of Islamic and quasi-Christian heresy is if we
establish a Christian bastion in the Holy Land. This bastion would be
the friend and ally of Israel, a rebirth of the Good Samaritan
homeland which is the essential halo force field around Israel for the
Rapture and Revelation. You may ask why should we break up
established countries? They are no such thing. The French still want
to establish a Greater Seleucitanian Syria out of Iraq, Jordan, Turkey
and Lebanon, which has always been the object of their chemical
industrial feedstock policies. The French (children of the evil
Robbespierre) and the Russians (children of the evil Magog Obshchina)
took the Middle Eastern Christians into their heresies before the
Evangelical Missionaries could make contact. And with such huge
colonial armies against them, the poor Gospel Missions never had a
chance. But the Evangelicals are the true brothers of these Ancient
Believers and we must project America's Glorious Military might to
correct these injustices. Brethren, we must act quickly for the End
Times are near. We must begin by demanding Turkey allow full
evangelical freedom in the remaining parts of its empire. Turkey is
beholden to America and we cannot tolerate their failure to support
Israel and Iraq any longer. America and Israel are Turkey's only
friends and Turkey must not be allowed any other choice but to convert
to the mission of the Gospel. Move forth Glorious brethren for blessed
are those who would defend the Lord's people: Both the Ancient Hebrew
Christians and their still-Jewish brethren.