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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Beauty Revealed | Musings from Rome

Hello to all my blog friends following our adventures in Rome!

Today Tim and I traveled to St Peter's square for an early morning interview. You'll be able to watch a video soon so stay tuned.

I love St. Peter's square. It is a blend of so many different people from around the world. By the time I left the square, the line to get into the Basilica stretched all the way around the colonnade to the other side. I felt like telling the pilgrims they had a LONG wait to get through to the metal detectors and security.

There are statues of the saints lining the colonnade. In the past few years the structures and statues have been cleaned due to the generosity of the Knights of Columbus. They look brand new. The Basilica had gotten so dirty over the centuries that it looked black instead of white and hid the beauty.

In fact, when they cleaned the area where the newly elected pope will walk out it revealed beautiful marble red columns and green marble above the door and on the side. At first people were outraged because they thought that the Vatican had painted those areas. What they did not know was that those were the original colors, and that they had been hidden by the grime over the centuries. Look to see if you notice it during coverage by CatholicTV!

That is all from Roma (that is my Italian).

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