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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Vibrant Church | Musings from Rome

It was a long plane ride to Rome today.

We landed at 7:10 Rome time and caught a cab to the hotel.  Tim and I put our luggage in our rooms and we were off and running. 

As we moved through the narrow streets of Rome you could sense the excitement among the many people who inhabit this ancient city.  There is a buzz in the air and you can see people talking and pointing to the press and to St. Peter's Dome.  They all know that history is at hand and they feel part of the change. 

Our first stop was to get our press credentials.  Msgr. Tighe, a friend of CatholicTV, met us and made the process much easier.  The press office itself reminded me of a bee hive.  People moving in all directions in and out of the front doors.  It was constant motion and we had to watch our step so we did't get caught in the traffic flow--not of cars, but of humans. 

We left the press office and met with Father Rosica and Sebastian.  Father Rosica is in charge of Salt and Light Television in Canada and is in Rome to assist Father Lombardi with the press.  Both he and Sebastian were kind enough to tape interviews with us. 

St. Peter's is overrun by press.  It made me think of the role of the Catholic Church in the world.  This is not a Church in decline but a Church that is alive, vibrant and relevant.  Some try to diminish the Church because they disagree with the teachings. They want the Church to ebb and flow with societal change.  But the Church stands with the teachings of Christ.  Its foundation is solid. Its beliefs are not negotiable based on polls or the popular thinking at the time.  It is a rock. 

We are now off to press conferences and a live interview for This is the Day.  More to come from Rome my friends.  Thank you for reading my musings.

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