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Friday, March 8, 2013

You are not alone | Musings from Rome

Hello blogolites!

I hope all is well with you wherever you are reading this blog. For the third day in a row it was a rainy morning in the beautiful city of Rome. In a sense that was very appropriate because today we interviewed the pilgrims from Boston who were following the steps of Blessed John Paul II.

It was in 1979 that he visited Boston, Massachusetts and celebrated a Mass in an absolute downpour. During the the Mass, to great applause, he said, "America the beautiful, even in the rain."

So it was in this gloomy rainy backdrop today that the pilgrims would complete their journey from his birth and baptism in Poland, to his resting place inside St. Peter's Basilica. Father Chris O'Connor, who is leading this pilgrimage, celebrated Mass at the tomb of blessed JPII with the pilgrims as his congregation and with Father Jonathan Gaspar and Father Eric Bennett con-celebrating.

During his homily Father Chris said something that resonated with me. He used a line that Blessed John Paul II often quoted, "be not afraid."

During this time of Papal transition we are like a flock of sheep without our Shepard. We are almost adrift as we eagerly await the election of a new Holy Father. But we should not be afraid because God walks beside us to guide and comfort us in good times and bad. He only waits for us to invite Him into our hearts and minds. He is the anchor that keeps our boat buffeted from the waves of doubt and rocks of despair. How fortunate and loved we are as He calls all of us by name.

The world is waiting for our new Shepard but God is ever present and permeates the air we breathe and move in. As St. John said, " God is Love."

Thank you for reading my blog and know you are never alone!

Your Friend,


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Anonymous said...

Thanks Jay. Eat Gelato every day. You owe it to those GELATO lovers who can't be there. You and Tim have to eat for all.