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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Waiting for Smoke | Musings from Rome

Hello my blogolite friends.

I am standing in St. Peter's Square as I type this and am stunned by what I am witnessing.

Let me set the scene; it is pouring out and it is cold. I am not hesitant to call it raw out. My guess is it is below 50 degrees. Around the square the Vatican has set up huge monitors and are broadcasting live coverage of the Cardinals inside the Conclave. The square is a sea of umbrellas. 

Thousands of people are surrounding the monitors to be part of history. The bad weather and cold can not deter these people. This is their faith and they are here to show solidarity with the Cardinals that are charged with making this difficult decision.

Inside the colonnades are thousands of people who await the puffs of smoke that will signify whether or not a Holy Father has been elected.

I was touched as I passed a group of seminarians praying the rosary together as they looked up at the smoke stack.  You may notice some young people on the side and in the back who just walked up and started praying with them.  As I write this more people are joining and their voices are getting louder on the square.  Just beautiful.

We are living in historic times. May god guide all of us as we pray for the Cardinals.

Your Friend,

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