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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Press Coverage | Musings from Rome

Hello my fellow blogolites!

This afternoon I would like to discuss the media presence in Rome.

One word to describe it is massive. I have been to Rome many times to cover events because we are a television network and our role is to bring programming into homes that inspire people to live out their faith more fully. I was fortunate to be in Rome from the death of Blessed Pope John Paul the II through the election of Pope Benedict the XVI. I do not think that anything will top those few weeks in regards to media, but this is close.

There are over 5000 accredited media in Rome to cover this event. Most are regarding this as news and will move on to their next target soon after the installation. CatholicTV regards this as a historical moment that will affect the lives of all those who watch CatholicTV. We bring a perspective that other stations would ignore. We invite our viewers to pray with us and await with great anticipation and hope the election of the next Holy Father.

While most stations have huge crews and gigantic budgets, CatholicTV has just Tim and I to cover this life changing moment. There is a line of satellite trucks costing hundreds of thousands of dollars to send their stories around the world. We use Skype and the Internet to send ours for free.

Tim Stonesifer
Yet with only the 2 of us, and our cheap way of doing things, our message is stronger than all the others. We are transmitting more than a sound byte, more than a story. We are demonstrating that the Catholic Church is alive and vibrant. The Church is relevant and the fabric of so many people around the world.

It is with this charge that Tim and I continue to search out the stories that will affect people's lives in a positive way. Our role is simple; bring people closer to Christ through the use of television and media. I pray we are doing that and I thank all of you for your kind comments and affirmation and support.

Let us join together and witness history together.

Your friend,


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