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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Time crunch! | Musings from Rome

This afternoon I had an interesting experience and it was even a bit nerve wracking! 

Tim and I finished taping the press conference with Cardinal O'Malley and Cardinal Dinardo on the grounds of the Pontifical North American (NAC) at 3pm and we planned to walk to St. Peter's to do a live Skype interview with Father Reed and Kevin for This is the Day. 

Well Father Jonathan Gaspar was kind enough to ask if we would like to interview Cardinal O'Malley.  How could we say no?  It could be our last chance with His Eminence's busy schedule and the looming Conclave. 

The Cardinal was wonderful.  He was gracious and gave us time even though I know he had other appointments. 

We finished the interview and I looked at my watch.  It was 3:55!  I told Tim to meet me at St. Peter's and off I ran.  It's about a 10 minute walk but I had told the crew back at CatholicTV that I would call in at 3:45 to make sure all the technical issues were worked out. 

I made my way through the streets of Rome, though the traffic and through my anxiety.  But here's the kicker-- this was the calm part. 

I will write about my experience in St. Peter's Square and why my heart rate skyrocketed in my next blog post.  I hope you can read it.

Stay well and keep Tim and I in your prayers and know we will remember you in ours.

Your friend,


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