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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Rainy Day | Musings from Rome

Hello to all my blogolites!

Today I woke up to blue skies and warm temperatures in Rome.

Throughout the city, the Cardinals celebrated Masses at their titular churches.  Scot Landry covered Cardinal Sean O'Malley's Mass very well on his blog.  There are also some beautiful pictures from the very talented George Martel.

Now back to those blue skies; they didn't last.  It is now pouring out and the Tiber river is expanding and flowing rapidly.

A couple of quick observations about Rome. After watching the scooters and small cars whip around each other and weave in and out, dodging people and other vehicles I was convinced that these were the worst drivers in the world.  After watching them more closely I am now sure that they are in fact the best drivers in the world.  They never hit each other or pedestrians.  It is like a live demonstration of the game frogger were the frog tries to get across the road.  These drivers are truly remarkable!  They move at rapid speed, all over the place, with scooters darting in front of them and nothing happens.  They do not beep their horns or slam on the breaks.  Truly remarkable.

It's thundering and I have a small tv in my room to help ride out the storm.  It has over 900 channels to choose from, which is the good news.  Every one of those 900 channels are in Italian.  The bad news: I do not speak Italian.

Stay well and please pray for all the Cardinals voting in the Conclave.

Your Friend,


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