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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Where is Kevin? | Musings from Rome

Hello to all my blog friends! Well it has been a busy day in Rome. 
Father Chris O'Connor from the Archdiocese of Boston is leading a pilgrimage through Poland and Rome.  I had the chance to briefly catch up with them in St. Peter's square and they are a wonderful group. 
Aldona, the Director of the Master of Arts and Ministry program is on the pilgrimage as well as students from MAM and the TINE program.  It is clear that they are having a blast.
Father Chris never slows down and they have a full schedule.  I spoke to several of the Pilgrims and one of the first questions they asked was, "where is Kevin?" I found this funny because Kevin asks the same question.  Just kidding Kevin!  (OK, he really does ask that question but I don't want to hurt his feelings.)
After meeting with the pilgrims from Boston, Tim and I were off to the NAC.  We found out that the Cardinals had decided to halt all press conferences so the 2:30 taping was out.  That however did not slow us down. 
Thanks to Msgr. Burrill we were able to interview 4 seminarians and a priest who were from different dioceses across the country.  What a group of outstanding young men.  I couldn't help but think that these are the future leaders of the Church.  If that is the case we are in good hands!  Watch for a special with these men soon on the CatholicTV Network. 
From the NAC, Tim and I went to St.Peter's for the prayer service.  I told a person from ABC News that Father Reed was supplying commentary for CatholicTV.  I met Terry Donilon and Greg Tracy, and also Angela Flood from the Archdiocese of Washington there by happenstance. 

It was a beautiful service and I was struck when I saw 2 nuns kneeling on the stone floor.  There was a great crowd all participating in the service.  Another wonderful day in the very rainy city of Rome.  That is right-- it's pouring, and without an umbrella I am now a soaking mess.  Time to dry off.
Thank you for reading my blog!

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Anonymous said...

Gosh, I have a few Mickey Mouse ponchos I could have Lent you guys for the trip!